Fall Private Collection: Flannel Fest

Fall Private Collection: Flannel Fest

Fall brewing is avidly defined by fresh hop harvest, beer festivals, and the opportunity to start developing complex ales for aging. Our Flannel Fest release captures the passion this time of year for picking your homegrown fresh hops, livening up traditional lager styles, and sparking creative fermentations that can be aged and blended in a multitude of ways, all while keeping to straightforward brewing methods and ready-to-pitch cultures and blends. Round out the season with Wyeast flannels and brewers boot socks to get you and your crew brew-ready.

2247-PC European Lager

This strain exhibits a very clean and dry flavor profile often found in aggressively-hopped lagers. Produces mild aromatics and slight sulfur notes typical of classic pilsners. This yeast is a good attenuator resulting in beers with a distinctively crisp finish.

Beer Styles: Fall style lagers, fresh hopped lagers

Featured Style: Czech Premium Pale Lager

Rich, characterful, pale Czech lager, with considerable malt and hop character and a long, rounded finish. Complex yet well-balanced and refreshing. The malt flavors are complex for a Pilsner-type beer, and the bitterness is strong but clean and without harshness, which gives a rounded impression that enhances drinkability.

2487-PC Hella Bock Lager

This strain will produce rich, full-bodied and malty beers with a complex flavor profile and a great mouth feel. Attenuates well while still leaving plenty of malt character and body. Beers will benefit from a temperature rise for a diacetyl rest at the end of primary fermentation.

Beer Styles: Golden, amber, and dark malty German lagers, festbiers

Featured style: Festbier

A smooth, clean, pale German lager with a moderately strong malty flavor and a light hop character. Deftly balances strength and drinkability, with a palate impression and finish that encourages drinking. Showcases elegant German malt flavors without becoming too heavy or filling.

9097-PC Old Ale Blend

The Old Ale blend includes an attenuative ale strain along with a small amount of Brettanomyces, emulating traditional British stock ales. The blend will ferment well in dark worts, producing fruity beers with nice complexity. The Brettanomyces adds a pie cherry-like flavor and sourness during prolonged aging.

Beer Styles: British Strong Ale, Old Ale, English Barleywine

Featured Style: British Strong Ale

An ale of respectable alcoholic strength, traditionally bottled-conditioned and cellared. Can have a wide range of interpretations, but most will have varying degrees of malty richness, late hops and bitterness, fruity esters, and alcohol warmth. Judges should allow for a significant range in character, as long as the beer is within the alcohol strength range and has an interesting ‘British’ character, it likely fits the style. The malt and adjunct flavors and intensity can vary widely, but any combination should result in an agreeable palate experience.

You’ll find these exclusive strains in our limited release from October through December of 2022! Whether you’re a homebrew enthusiast or one of the pros, revel in the taste of crisp and refreshing lagers. Find out more about which styles pair best with these strains.

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