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Explore our resources below, and reach out if you can’t find what you’re looking for. Home enthusiasts, please contact your point of sale directly for all Wyeast product questions.


Answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

  • I am a commercial brewery or beverage producer – how do I order yeast and other fermentation products?

  • How do I become a Wyeast retailer or distributor?

  • I am a home enthusiast – how do I order yeast and other brewing products?

      Currently our products are not available to order from us directly in home enthusiast quantities. You can find your nearest retail location that sells Wyeast products here

      Where to Buy

  • If there is a problem with the yeast performance, who should the customer contact?

      Please contact your local retail supplier of Wyeast Laboratories products and allow them to help you identify and solve the problem. If you have a question they cannot answer, then they can contact Wyeast with your question.

  • What if I want a strain that is not offered in the Wyeast’s normal line-up?

      Unfortunately, Wyeast cannot make small quantities of any strain for Home Enthusiasts. However, if there is a certain strain that you would like to see offered, let your local retail supplier know, and they can get in touch with Wyeast. These strains can then be made available through our Private Culture Collection program.

  • If a Retailer is shipping yeast, how should it be packaged?

      All yeast shipments should be packed with enough ice to keep the yeast cool until it reaches it’s destination. Remember this is a living organism that will be damaged by extended or repeated periods of warm temperatures.


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