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Our products are rigorously tested and meet high quality control specifications before leaving our facility, which, when combined with our first rate technical support and guidance can produce consistent and high quality results.
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Technical Support

Our team is dedicated to supporting you in creating the best final product possible, which means that while we’re confident in the quality of our yeast, cultures, and supporting fermentation products, we’re also here to answer your questions and provide assistance wherever we can.

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Our technical support team is available to professional clients requiring assistance with:

  • Strain selection
  • Supporting fermentation product use
  • Pitch rate recommendation
  • Propagation
  • Yeast handling and management
  • Quality control checkpoint recommendations
  • Optimizing fermentation conditions for yeast strain and fermentation style
  • Identifying fermentation issues and solutions
  • And more

Our team is also on hand to assist retailers with questions regarding:

  • Strain selection for new accounts
  • Product handling
  • Shelf life and storage
  • Home enthusiast questions about product use
  • And more

Proprietary Strain Banking

Wyeast Laboratories Inc. is pleased to offer our customers the same rigorous quality control and scientific standards for your strain that we apply to our culture collections.

After completing our banking contract and providing Wyeast with an identified and isolated culture, it is maintained in two forms, a culture slant with overlay and at -70 °C in our yeast bank. Pitchable volumes for any size system are available to order. The culture remains under the ownership of the client until it is released through a signed agreement. The strain ID and nature of the culture also remains proprietary and confidential information.

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