Nebbiolo (Barolo, Barbaresco)

Nebbiolo (Barolo, Barbaresco)

Overall Impression:

Nebbiolo is native to the Piedmont region in northwest Italy. This variety has been planted in most wine regions of the world but has not had the success that it has had in Italy. Washington State and King’s Valley, Australia have had some promising success. Nebbiolo is a late ripening variety that has been compared to Pinot Noir. When fully ripened, it is very high in tannins and acids and can have aromas of roses, violets, and orange. Nebbiolo is the grape that is used to produce Barbaresco and Barolo. Barbaresco is a lighter style of wine than Barolo that tends to mature more rapidly and is aged for a shorter time in oak. Barolo is a powerful wine that is rich with high levels of tannins and acidity and longer aging in oak. Barolo is capable of long cellaring times. Making wine with Nebbiolo is a balancing act that if not properly managed can lead to very astringent and bitter wines. Aging in wood needs to be done carefully.

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