Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir

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Pinot Noir originated in the Bordeaux region of France and is the variety that is used to make red Burgundies.Pinot Noir is grown in all but the warmest wine regions of the world. This variety is one of the most difficult to vinify but is one of the most celebrated when done well. Pinot Noir blooms early and ripens early. Modern Pinot Noir vinification includes cold maceration to extract more color and flavor from the grapes. Pinot Noir is thin skinned and prone to rot and also tends to ripen too fast if not grown in a relatively cool climate. Wines made from Pinot Noir tend to have a fruity nose, lower levels of tannins and nice balanced acidity. These wines can usually be drunk young but will age well. Grows best on Limestone soils and in cool locations. Vinification requires constant monitoring.

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