Gamay Noir / Beaujolais Nouveau

Gamay Noir / Beaujolais Nouveau

Overall Impression:

Gamay Noir is of French origin (probably related to Pinot Noir) and shows up in history in the Côte d΄Or in the late 14th century. This vine blossoms early and ripens early. Wines made with the Gamay Noir grape tend to be fairly light on the palate and fairly pale in color with a bluer tint than most noble reds. This variety produces relatively low sugar levels and tends to be fermented rapidly and served very quickly (Beaujolais Nouveau). Carbonic maceration is typically practiced with this variety which produces lively fresh fruit aromatics and flavors. Gamay Noir produces fairly high levels of acid. Wines made from the Gamay Noir grape are not for cellaring and should be drunk while young.

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