Q3 Legacy Curation | Featured & Limited Release Strains

Q3 Legacy Curation | Featured & Limited Release Strains

Our Q3 Legacy Curation features two of the most popular strains used in Belgian-style beers, 3522 Belgian Ardennes and 3944 Belgian Witbier. Belgian-style beers are a diverse and renowned category of beers that originated in Belgium. They are known for their rich history, unique brewing methods, and distinctive flavors, making Belgian beers highly sought after by beer enthusiasts around the world. Strain: 3522 Belgian Ardennes offers versatility across various Belgian styles, while 3944 Belgian Witbier is specifically used to enhance the unique characteristics of Belgian Witbiers. Wyeast’s quarterly Legacy Curation continues to spotlight strains that brewing legacies are built upon and are available for your next brew day.

Classic Culture Collection Featured Strains:

3522 Belgian Ardennes

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

One of the great and versatile strains for the production of classic Belgian-style ales. This strain produces a beautiful balance of delicate fruit esters and subtle spicy notes, with neither one dominating. Unlike many other Belgian-style strains, this strain is highly flocculent and results in bright beers.

Beer Styles: Belgian American Pale Ale, Belgian IPA, Belgian Dubbel

Featured Style: Belgian American Pale Ale

A moderately malty, slight fruity, easy-drinking, copper-colored Belgian ale that is somewhat less aggressive in flavor profile than many other Belgian beers. The malt character tends to be a bit biscuity with light toasty, honey-like, or caramelly components; the fruit character is noticeable and complementary to the malt. The bitterness level is generally moderate but may not seem as high due to the flavorful malt profile.

3944 Belgian Witbier

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

This versatile witbier yeast strain can be used in a variety of Belgian-style ales. It produces a complex flavor profile dominated by spicy phenolics with low-moderate ester production and is a great strain choice when you want a delicate clove profile not to be overshadowed by esters. It will ferment fairly dry with a slightly tart finish that compliments the use of oats, malted and unmalted wheat.

Beer Styles: Belgian IPA, Witbier, Belgian Tripel

Featured Style: Witbier

A pale, hazy Belgian wheat beer with spices accentuating the yeast character. A delicate, lightly spiced, moderate-strength ale that is a refreshing summer drink with its high carbonation, dry finish, and light hopping.


Private Culture Collection: Limited Release

Our Private Collection features top professional choices for brewing Belgian-style beers, to complement our featured legacy strains. Popular beer styles are the Belgian IPA and White IPA. Belgian IPAs are characterized by the fusion of American IPA hoppiness with the fruity and spicy characteristics of Belgian yeast like 3942-PC Belgian Wheat, often with higher alcohol content. On the other hand, White IPAs blend the refreshing nature of Belgian witbiers with the citrusy and hoppy profile of American IPAs, featuring a lower alcohol content. 3463-PC Forbidden Fruit provides a distinctive twist to the traditional style, combining the fruity and spicy characteristics of Belgian yeast with the hop-forward nature of an IPA.

3942-PC Belgian Wheat

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Isolated from a small Belgian brewery, this strain produces beers with moderate esters and minimal phenolics. Apple, bubblegum, and plum-like aromas blend nicely with malt and hops. This strain will finish dry with a hint of tartness.

Beer Styles: White IPA, Witbier, Belgian Pale Ale

Featured Style: Specialty – Belgian IPA

An IPA with fruitiness and spiciness derived from the use of Belgian yeast. The examples from Belgium tend to be lighter in color and more attenuated, similar to a tripel that has been brewed with more hops. This beer has a more complex flavor profile and may be higher in alcohol than a typical IPA.

3463-PC Forbidden Fruit

Saccharomyces cerevisiae

A widely-used strain in the production of Witbier and Grand Cru. This yeast will produce spicy phenolics which are balanced nicely by a complex ester profile. The subtle fruit character and dry tart finish will complement wheat malt, orange peel, and spice additions typical of Wits.

Beer Styles: White IPA, Witbier

Featured Style: Specialty – White IPA

A fruity, spicy, refreshing version of an American IPA, but with a lighter color, less body, and featuring either the distinctive yeast and/or spice additions typical of a Belgian witbier.

These Private Collection Strains are available July through September 2023 at Wyeast retailer locations. Find a Store near you or browse or online retailer list.

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