Vier Sterne German Pilsner | 2247-PC European Lager

Vier Sterne German Pilsner | 2247-PC European Lager

Fall brewing is underway with fresh hop recipes being formulated and neighbors sharing their latest favorite homebrews. This season inspired a particular strain release that has been kept strictly for the professionals for over a decade: 2247-PC European Lager. Now available to homebrews through the end of December in Wyeast’s Private Collection: Flannel Fest, this strain, having been part of some best-kept secrets, is ready to be shared.

At Craft Beer & Brewing magazine, Josh Weikert introduces his all-grain recipe for Vier Sterne German Pilsner featuring 2247-PC. A homebrewer since 2007, Josh Weikert is a Grand Master Judge with the Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) and Certified Cicerone. And he’s the author of his own blog,, too. Those of you who have Craft Beer & Brewing’s October-November ’22 issue can explore his notes and tips for mastering this recipe for a true German-style pilsner experience with the clean, bone-dry qualities of 2247-PC.


Explore the Vier Sterne German Pilsner recipe here.



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