Autumn has arrived and so has the opportunity to brew new seasonal styles as we wind down from the sours and sessions of summertime. This Private Collection offers a fresh pairing of strains for cooler days and palates seeking more body and complexity, without compromising approachability.

This winter welcomes our first quarter of 2019 Private Collection strains, inspired by the Pacific Northwest’s ever-changing forecast of “wintry mix” and available exclusively at Wyeast. Our West Coast IPA, Pilsner Urquell H-Strain, and Munich Lager II provide balanced characteristics for styles as varied as the weather ahead. Whatever your plans may be for brewing, we hope to inspire new seasonal traditions with crisp, drinkable beers among the rich stouts and barrel-aged behemoths during these colder months.

These strains are available to order starting December 26th for all Retail customers. Shipments will begin the first week of January. Commercial customers are encouraged to order these strains during this quarter for shorter lead times!

Find out more about which styles pair best with these strains at

1217-PC West Coast IPA
Beer Styles: American Pale Ale, American Brown Ale, American IPA, Double IPA, Red IPA, Scottish Light, Scottish Heavy, Scottish Export, Wee Heavy
Profile: This strain is ideally suited to the production of West Coast-style American craft beers, especially pale, IPA, red, and specialties. Thorough attenuation, temperature tolerance, and good flocculation make this an easy strain to work with. Flavor is balanced neutral with mild ester formation at warmer temperatures, allowing hops, character malts, and flavorings to show through.
Apparent ABV Tolerance: 10%
Flocculation: Medium-High
Apparent Attenuation: 73-80%
Temperature Range: 62-74°F (17-23°C)

2001-PC Pilsner Urquell H Strain
Beer Styles: Czech Premium Pale Lager
Profile: With a mild fruit and floral aroma, this strain has a very dry and clean palate with a full mouthfeel and nice subtle malt character. It has a very clean and neutral finish.
Apparent ABV Tolerance: 9%
Flocculation: Medium-High
Apparent Attenuation: 72-76%
Temperature Range: 48-56°F (9-13°C)

2352-PC Munich Lager II
Beer Styles: Munich Helles, Munich Dunkel, Festbier, Märzen, Schwarzbier, Helles Bock, Dunkles Bock, Doppelbock, Eisbock
Profile: From a famous brewery in Munich, this strain is a low diacetyl and low sulfur aroma producer. An excellent choice for malt-driven lagers.
Apparent ABV Tolerance: 10%
Flocculation: Medium
Apparent Attenuation: 72-74%
Temperature Range: 52-62°F (11-16°C)

Retailers, are you still interested in the previous Private Collection release? Every quarter you can inquire with customer service on the remaining inventory.  We also provide Point of Sale material to market our products, at no cost to you. Currently we have Private Collection postcards and Wyeast Culture Collection Beer and Wine rack cards. We also offer a variety of Wyeast t-shirts, hoodies, and hats available for purchase.

The Wyeast Team

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