3031-PC Saison-Brett Blend | Fogtown Brewing’s Maine Grain Seaweed Saison

3031-PC Saison-Brett Blend | Fogtown Brewing’s Maine Grain Seaweed Saison

Maine Grain Seaweed Saison

Maine Grain Seaweed is a Saison style beer that is tart up front with a slight Brett fruity-funk, complimented with a very subtle and refreshingly briny kick.  This brew was crafted to a homebrew-scale recipe specifically for our Private Collection feature with Wyeast’s Wild Rustic Spring Private Collection: 3031-PC Saison-Brett Blend. Staying true to his roots,  Fogtown Brewery’s head brewer Jon Stein, was inspired by his home state using Malts sourced directly from Maine maltsters as well as seaweed sourced from the Gulf of Maine.  Try your hand at brewing this eclectic Saison recipe.

Fogtown Brewing is a childhood dream, made a reality.  Founded in 2018 in Ellsworth, Maine by longtime friends Jon Stein and Ian Heyse, Fogtown was born out of a desire to create a community atmosphere that would foster art, music, craft food and drink.  Together they built their brewery from scratch, using reclaimed timbers, barnwood and other scavenged items.  It is now the home to a dynamic and diverse beer list crafted by head brewer, Jon Stein.  Jon began brewing at a young age and continued to hone his craft,  he now leads the way at Fogtown crafting Pilsener-style beers, Maine Cost IPA’s, ales brewed with local herbs and spices and barrel aged stouts and sours.

RECIPE: Maine Grain Seaweed Saison

5 Gallon batch

Original gravity: 12.6 °P

Final gravity: 1.8 °P

ABV: 5.6%

IBU: Target 15-20



  • 70% Maine Grown and Malted 2-Row Pale Malt
  • 10% Maine Grown and Malted Red Wheat
  • 8% Maine Grown Flaked Spelt
  • 8% Maine Grown Light Caramel
  • 3% Acidulated Malt


**Tips for ingredients: Flaked spelt can be substituted with flaked wheat. Seaweed can be purchased online from and probably from other shops. Local health food stores or Asian markets may also be good sources to check.



  • Maine Grown Centennial; 60 minute boil
  • Maine Grown Mt. Hood; 15 minute boil
  • Maine Grown Mt. Hood; 5 minute boil


Other Ingredients:  

  • 0.7 oz (20 g) Dried Gulf of Maine Kelp Seaweed
  • 0.7 oz (20 g) Dried Gulf of Maine Dulse Seaweed
  • 0.1 oz (3 g) Dried Gulf of Maine Irish Moss



  • Ferment with 3031-PC Saison-Brett Blend at 69 °F (21 °C) for 7-14 days, cool to 62 °F (17 °C) and allow to develop desired Brett character. Allow to stainless age at 55 °F (13°C) for several weeks or up to several months to completely attenuate and mature.


Additional Directions: 

  • Mash all grains @ 149 °F (65 °C) for 65 minutes
  • Vorlauf & Sparge
  • Add all seaweed to kettle in muslin bags with 15 left in boil. Remove bags before whirlpool.

More Recipes to Come

All season we’ll be introducing homebrew recipes that come directly from brewers who partner with us at Wyeast. Each recipe is specifically crafted by a pro for our Wild Rustic Spring release.  These strains are only available for homebrewing now through June 2019.

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