Join us alongside The American Homebrewers Association for the 24th annual Big Brew Day. On May 1, 2021, we invite you to celebrate the greatest hobby there is by firing up the kettle, trying your hand at one of the official Brew Day recipes and raising a glass to HOMEBREWING!

This year, our 1217-PC West Coast IPA strain (from our Private Collection: Spring on the Patio) is featured in the official Brew Day recipes, and is ideal for recreating the award-winning Janet’s Brown Ale. This 2004 and 2009 NHC gold-medal-winning recipe was originally created by Mike “Tasty” McDole, who earned a name for himself with this recipe and was featured in Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer’s book Brewing Classic Styles.

Since 1988 The American Homebrewers Association has celebrated National Homebrew Day, with the annual Big Brew occurring the first Saturday of May. The goal of this day has always been to revere in the art of homebrewing with like-minded individuals. For those who “pledge to brew”, they join hundreds of other participants, in more than 40 states, and 10 countries, to concoct the official Brew Day Recipes from their own homes— resulting in more than 1,095 gallons of delicious hand-crafted, homebrewed beer!

For more details on National Home Brew Day, additional ways to participate and helpful homebrewing tips, make sure to visit the American Homebrewers Association website.

To learn more about this season’s Private Collection: Spring on the Patio, check out the blog post.


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