Introducing Our

Core Brewer Spotlight


Introducing Our

Core Brewer Spotlight

Latest Issue: Reuben's Brews

Since our inception more than 30 years ago, Wyeast has been a family owned and operated business that covets its partnerships with craft beverage artisans. Inspired by our home in the Columbia River Gorge, we create premium liquid yeast that reflects the purity of our surroundings and the quality that brewers have come to expect. We take great pride in the products we create and are proud to honor those who use it.


Quality Partnerships

We’ve created the Core Brewer Spotlight to showcase brewers who are not only masters of their craft, but have found success without ever losing site of what’s important. Whether it’s their love for family, or an insurmountable passion for the outdoors, the obsession for quality ingredients or an unwavering need to keep things local, these brewers have stayed true to their values—the same core values that serve as the foundation of Wyeast. So get to know each of the strain magicians featured below, who turn our premium liquid yeast into delicious, award-winning brews. They are not only quality brewers, but they are truly impeccable people.



FAMILY. LOCAL. LEGACY. COMMUNITY. SERVICE. INNOVATION. The Premium Liquid Yeast Pioneers It all started in the backyard of Mt. Hood when Jenny Logsdon's lab experience, paired with her knowledge of cultivating crops and making wine with her mother, collided to form Wyeast.

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Meet our Core Brewers

Issue #1: FAMILY. QUALITY. COMMUNITY. ADAM ROBBINGS: REUBEN'S BREWS Just like Wyeast, Reuben's Brews was born out of curiosity and cultivated by family. Two brand values were proud to have in common.


Issue #2: PIONEERS. COMMUNITY. LEGACY. ELI TRINKLE: UPLAND BREWING Since their inception, these innovative sour pioneers (and long-time Wyeast partners) have remained rooted in community and true to their legacy.



Each quarter we'll announce (and raise a glass to) another #COREBREWER who has shown dedication to one or more of our shared core values: Legacy, Quality, Family, Community, Innovation & Service. We find ourselves lucky to partner with like-minded companies and are excited to share the story behind each of these inspiring brewers with you! Sign-up to be notified when the next #COREBREWER is announced.

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