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Professional Wild & Sour Strains & Blends

For those who love to ferment on the funky side, we have a variety of cultures for making wild & sour styles. They provide fermentation or souring to achieve distinctively complex taste, aroma and mouthfeel.
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The Yeast That Legacies Are Built Upon.

Since 1986, the same Wyeast yeast strains that spurred the craft brewing revolution, and defined the meaning of quality and integrity, continue to set the precedent for brewmasters to this day. Our heritage collection of proven premium liquid yeast and cultures creates beers worthy of a legacy: begin your legacy with us.

Professional Wild & Sour Cultures

Technical Data Sheet

Yeast and culture management, instructions for use, recommended pitch rates, specifications, and more.

No Equivalent.

Nearly four decades of expertise in crafting yeast, bacteria, and unique custom blends for brewers around the world shows that there’s more to a strain than its name and number. Wyeast cultures are unparalleled in quality and performance, guaranteed.

  • Purity

    A rigorous quality control and quality assurance program utilizes both traditional methods and modern innovations to guarantee culture purity and single morphology down to the threshold of detection. Cultures, ingredients, and equipment are analyzed and held to strict specifications throughout the entire propagation process. Complete QA/QC analysis on every finished product means our strict specifications are always met before your order ships.

    Analyses include:

    • Plating on general and selective media for detection of viable yeast and bacteria contaminants
    • Colony morphology on differential agar
    • Cell morphology with phase contrast microscope
    • qPCR confirmation of commercial yeast species (S. cerevisiae, S. pastorianus, S. cer. var. diastaticus, and Brettanomyces)
    • qPCR screening for the detection of STA1+ yeast and common brewhouse contaminants

    Base strains of mixed culture products complete QA/QC analyses prior to blending, to guarantee the integrity of morphology and purity of each incorporated strain.

  • Precision Cell Density & Blend Ratios

    Wyeast provides the most precisely packaged yeast slurry to guarantee consistent, reliable fermentations in your brewhouse and barrel aging program. No range or minimum – we prepare our Saccharomyces strains at exactly 1.2 billion viable cells per milliliter and Brettanomyces strains at 750 million viable cells per milliteter with advanced cellometer & validation processes. This results in > 99.9% viability for your target pitch rate – delivering the most accurate cells per mL per Plato calculations for reproducible fermentations.

    All mixed culture products are standardized to these specifications prior to blending, so that even your most creative fermentations are reliably reproducible – no matter the barrel or year.

  • Optimal Propagation Conditions

    Every strain is initiated from our ultra-low temperature archive in order to maintain genomic stability, ensuring the culture maintains consistent fermentation kinetics, flavor profiles, and flocculation characteristics.

    Brettanomyces cultures are propagated using a nutrient-rich, premium malt extract based medium under specialized oxygenation schedules and temperature parameters for specific growth and cell health requirements. Extended propagation schedules also allow for high cell density. These processes ensures the yeast are always conditioned to an environment similar to brewers wort and fermentation conditions.

    Bacteria cultures are propagated on premium malt based medias with genus-specific nutrient additions, with anaerobic environment and elevated temperature conditions utilized throughout the entire propagation. Lactic acid production and pH decrease are monitored for the duration of growth.

  • Fresh without Compromise

    Wyeast ships directly from our facility in Hood River, Oregon USA to yours, guaranteeing the freshness and integrity of every order. One production facility means consistency and reliability, batch after batch.

More than Premium Cultures.

The foundation of our business and operations are built to support yours.

  • The Original Liquid Yeast Collection

    Authentically sourced and isolated by our founders, microbiologists, friends, and collaborators from around the world since 1986. Wyeast’s heritage culture collections have been curated for decades to offer commercially proven and reliable strain selection for any fermentation style. A genuine Wyeast strain comes with more than its history – it comes with a legacy of quality & integrity.

  • Product Warranty Guarantee

    We back our products with the guarantee that they will meet or exceed our professional specifications, and will perform as expected under typical brewing  conditions when they hit your wort. If not, we will make it right.

  • Licensed Food Manufacturing Facility

    Uncompromising compliance and adherence with food manufacturer regulations by the US Food & Drug Administration and the Oregon Department of Agriculture means every batch is prepared from start to finish under strict protocols and backed by Wyeast’s Product Warranty Guarantee.

  • Customer Care

    Providing comprehensive customer service and technical support are core values of our business. Our representatives, professional brewers, and food science experts are eager to assist with your questions at any phase of your brewing schedule or barrel aging program – from strain selection and pitch rate recommendations to fine-tuning your fermentation conditions and troubleshooting any situation that may arise.

  • Kosher Certified

    All Wyeast cultures and supporting fermentation products are certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union.

Let’s get brewing.

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