2782-PC Staro Prague Lager | Upright Brewing’s Juzek 13º

2782-PC Staro Prague Lager | Upright Brewing’s Juzek 13º


Ready for the rich, dark, malty flavor of a Czech Lager? Alex Ganum, owner and head brewer of Upright Brewing, has shared with us his recipe for the Juzek 13º. Crafted from our favorite seasonal Wyeast strain: 2782-PC Staro Prague Lager (part of the Robust & Ruddy Private Collection) this yeast produces a medium to full bodied lager that exudes a moderately fruity and bready malt flavor, characteristic of Autumn.

Upright Brewing, Portland’s secret society brewing house and taproom, is located in the basement of the Leftbank Project building. They are in their 9th year of brewing and specialize in farmhouse inspired beers from France and Belgium, with a Northwest vibe. Upright continues to be a small volume brewery with a hands-on approach that allows them to exercise their creativity and craft in the brewing process.

RECIPE: Juzek 13º – Czech Style Tmavé Pivo (Czech Dark Lager) 

Fermentables: 42% Pil, 37% Marris Otter, 9% Caramel Munich III, 9% Dark Munich, 3% Roast Barley—Mash at 152 °F (66 °C)

Hops: Hood hops or other similar variety for entire kettle boil, target 25 IBU

Yeast: Ferment with Wyeast 2782-PC Staro Prague Lager, start at 65 °F (18 °C) for about 18 hours, then knock down to 52 °F (11 °C). Raise temperature towards the end of fermentation for diacetyl rest.

Additional Directions: Lager for 2 – 4 weeks until appropriately dropped of yeast and flavors have rounded out.

More Recipes to Come

All season we’ll be introducing homebrew recipes that come directly from brewers who partner with us at Wyeast. Each recipe is specifically crafted by a pro for our Robust & Ruddy Private Collection release and if you want to try them, you’ll have to hurry! The Robust & Ruddy Private Collection strains are only available now through December 2018—so don’t wait!

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