Take your Homebrewing to the Next Level

Take your Homebrewing to the Next Level

Calling all homebrewers! You’re invited to join us, and many other industry experts at Brew Your Own magazine’s Boot Camp in Denver, from November 4th through 6th. This is an incredible opportunity you won’t want to miss!

Homebrewing has seen a significant rise in popularity over the past five years, especially in 2020 and 2021. As more individuals are pursuing the craft, the demand for homebrewer equipment, supplies and educational resources have increased dramatically. This is is why you, and your homebrewer comrades, should strongly consider attending BYOB’s Boot Camp. This three-day seminar is chock-full of small-class brewing workshops, brewing seminars and optional craft brewery tours. It’s perfect for those looking to fast-track their craft brew education and catapult their skills. Attendees gain invaluable knowledge of troubleshooting faults, develop a clear understanding of brewing essentials, and even learn how to craft signature recipes and understand the keys to developing a specific grain bill, hop schedule, and ingredient proportions. These tips paired with actionable steps geared toward small-scale businesses, will not only improve your current operation, but lay the ground work to take your passion to the next level. 

Post Boot Camp, you’ll need quality supplies to compliment your newfound skills. We recommend using our Wyeast Smack-Pack Activator Systems™. Each packet contains the same premium yeast blends used by your favorite commercial brewers and takes the stress out of pitching — trust us, you will never under-or-over pitch again. In addition, our website and blog are full of tips, tools and FAQs to help you achieve optimal brewing success.

As always, it’s exciting to see more people diving headfirst into homebrewing, and seeking new ways to innovate and create. That’s why we at Wyeast, enjoy sponsoring events such as BYO Boot Camp. While we pride ourselves in being the industry’s premium liquid yeast provider, we find a great level of satisfaction in helping homebrewers follow their passion, cultivate their skills and succeed at meeting their goals. We’ve been in the business a long time and watching homebrewers master their craft, is beyond rewarding. Throw in the fact that many of them have sought out our product, reached out for help and even become award-winning commercial brewers, has made it all worthwhile.

We look forward to this year’s BYO Boot Camp and helping to further ignite the passion for fermentation. For more tips, tools and recipes from Wyeast, follow us on Facebook or checkout our website.

Happy Homebrewing!

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