This month’s Private Collection, Frosted Lagers, is the perfect embodiment of winter. Lager yeasts favor cooler temperatures and slow fermentation, adding to the enigma of brewing. Originating from Northern Europe, bottom-fermenting beers earned their name from tradition; the German word “lager” translates to “storeroom”; typically, lager was brewed from September to May, when cellar and cave temperatures were cooler.

Today, lagers have become the most prominent commercially available beer style, but many craft brewers and homebrewers are redefining, reshaping, and rewriting the boundaries of this historic style. Q1 Private Collection strains are clean, light, have floral and fruit notes. Complex flavors, aromatics, full mouthfeel, and lingering maltiness are all characteristics to expect from the Frosted Lagers limited release.

2352-PC Munich Lager II

Old-world Munich lagers had that dark rich color, mainly due to the absence of modern-day technology, techniques, and knowledge to brew cleaner versions of dark base malts. The dark lager we know and enjoy today is the byproduct of a simple improvement that revolutionized dark lagers to what we know and love. The malts come through as sweet, toasty, and almost bread-like finish attracting connoisseurs, brewers, and foodies.

2035-PC American Lager 

This strain is complex, aromatic, light body, and has slight bitterness — this strain is an excellent choice for Pre-Prohibition Lagers, formerly known as Classic American Pilsners. American Lager is served extremely cold as a refreshing thirst quencher, which is neutral on the palate yet crisp and dry on the finish.

2002-PC Gambrinus Style Lager 

Mild floral aroma, nice lager character in nose finishing soft and smooth with nice lingering maltiness. Czech-style lager. Unlike its German and American lager counterparts, Czech-style lagers are not as heavily filtered, providing fuller body and mouthfeel with rich and complex flavor profiles.

You’ll find these exclusive strains in our limited release from January through March of 2022! Whether you’re a homebrew enthusiast or one of the pros, revel in the taste of crisp and refreshing lagers. Find out more about which styles pair best with these strains at WWW.WYEASTLAB.COM

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