NanoCon Online is Back!

NanoCon Online is Back!

T-minus 23 days till 2021 NanoCon Online! 

Get a fresh notepad ready for this year’s interactive online conference on December 3rd and 4th. Packed more than ever before with knowledge covering brewery operations, business operations & sales, and start-ups. NanoCon is a place for small-scale breweries to interact with fellow brewers, get their questions answered by industry leaders, and speak with vendors specializing in small-scale Nano brewing. Look for Wyeast’s expert on yeast, Fausto Yu-Shan, during the sponsor presentations for his advice on small-scale yeast management and determining correct pitch rates.

Over the years, NanoCon has helped gear Nano breweries with the knowledge and resources to start, expand, and improve their own small-scale breweries. Take advantage of early registration, register by November 19th to save $50! You can also add our sponsor discount code nano-wyeast for another $50 off your registration at any time. Despite being online, space is still limited; lock in your spot today!

Our goal has always been to help brewers of any size gather the knowledge and resource to strengthen their homebrewing skills or Nano operations. Chat with some Wyeast experts to learn more about our available yeast blends for homebrewers, our easy-to-use Smack-Pack Activators, and much more!


Happy Brewing, 
Wyeast Laboratories 

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