Holiday Gift Guide for Homebrewers

Holiday Gift Guide for Homebrewers

The holidays are right around the corner! We’ve made shopping for the brewers in your life easier than ever with a new homebrewer holiday gift guide. Whether they’re new to the brew scene or looking to hone in their skills with equipment upgrades, you’re guaranteed to find something for the beer enthusiast in your life. 

Wyeast Smack-Pack 

Brew like the professionals with our Activator Smack-Packs. Our Activators “proof” yeast and shortens lag time after hitting your wort. Packages contain a sterile liquid nutrient pouch, and when smacked, it releases its content into the yeast slurry. The available sugars and nutrients initiate the culture’s metabolism, which generates CO₂ and causes swelling of the package, serving as a viability and vitality test. Use our store locator to find retailers nearest you! 

Wyeast Merch

From fermentation to fabrics, gear up in regionally inspired products! Our merchandise and apparel are great for inside and outside of the brewery. Lightweight, breathable Versitek fabrics are built for both performance and comfort. Our favorite is the insulated Mt. Hood vest that makes for the perfect cool-weather layer. We encourage you to shop early, shipping does not include processing & turnaround time.

Homebrew Journal 

Recipes, observations, results, you name it! There’s a lot to learn and even more to remember when it comes to brewing beer. Brewing journals are great; you can track general recipe information, ingredients, brewer’s notes, hop & yeast notes, meter readings, flavor profiles–the list goes on! 

Beer Making Starter Kit 

The Northern Brewer starter kit is fitted with everything a new brewer needs for a successful first homebrew. From the kettle down to the bottle brush, it makes for the perfect gift.  

Stage Temp Controller 

Temp controllers are great for the brewers looking to add a few more gadgets and gizmos to their arsenal! They help maintain consistent temperatures in each stage of the brewing process. During the fermentation process, it’s essential the fermenter, Keezer or conical, is at the right temperature–especially when serving legged beer.

Magazine Subscription 

Gift a year of learning with a subscription to Brew Your Own: The How to Homebrew Beer Magazine. Every issue includes recipes, how-to projects, and expert advice to help you brew world-class beer. Regular columns include troubleshooting common problems with Mr. Wizard, style profiles, building brewing gadgets, and stories from fellow homebrewers in Homebrew Nation.

Beer of the Month 

In this subscription-based gift, recipients receive 12 full-sized bottles or rare, hard-to-find premium quality craft beers. Two different breweries are featured each month, providing 2 unique beers. Brewers receive 3 bottles of each of the 4 varieties.

The Guide to Craft Beer

The home brewing landscape has shifted, with nearly 9,000 breweries pushing the boundaries on the traditional styles we know and love. The guide to crafting beer walks through more than 80 styles, food pairing tips, tasting logs, and more! 

Northwest Cider Club

Gift expertly curated ciders from more than 100 independent cidermakers, from the Bitterroot Valley in Montana to the Willamette Valley in Oregon. Northwest Cider Club members receive a monthly box of delicious craft cider and special offers, including pairing and serving suggestions, special offers, and opportunities to meet cidermakers.

American Homebrew Association Membership 

Explore hundreds of seminar presentations, receive a subscription to Zymurgy, access tried-and-true homebrewing recipes, exclusive discounts on books and merchandise, expert advice, and so much more! Whether a beginner or a seasoned brewer, they’ll find information and resources to help take their brewing to the next level.


Happy Holidays, 

Wyeast Laboratories 

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