Using Premium Liquid Yeast

Wine kits have become a very popular way for people to make wine at home. The makers of wine kits have become very sophisticated and they produce some outstanding products. Wine makers often ask us if our products are compatible with the wine kits. Our Premium Liquid Yeast is not only compatible but actually can improve the aroma and flavor profile of the wine kits.

Choosing an Appropriate Yeast

The appropriate yeast choice depends on many factors. One should consider the aroma and flavor profile desired as well as fermentation temperature and desired residual sugar. For a detailed description of varietal and yeast pairings, please see the yeast and varietal description section of this site.

Do I Still Follow the Instructions with the Kit?

It is important to still follow the instructions that came with the wine kit. Liquid yeast can simply be substituted for the dry yeast but nothing else should be altered in the making of the kit.

Can I Use a Liquid Malolactic Culture?

Do not use a malolactic culture of any kind with a wine kit. Wine kits are created to have a specific acid balance without undergoing malolactic fermentation. It is also important to know that Potassium Sorbate should not be used in conjunction with malolactic bacteria. Malolactic bacteria can consume the sorbate and will produce a compound called Geraniol which has a very strong and unpleasant aroma and flavor.

What is the Benefit of Using a Liquid Culture?

A liquid culture will provide an increased ester profile which will enhance the aroma and flavor profile of the wine. Liquid cultures also create a fuller mouthfeel and typically wines made with liquid cultures are described as more balanced. The wine maker can also be certain that the yeast is healthy and viable before the yeast is put into the must