Wyeast Yeast Hulls

Wyeast Yeast Hulls

Wyeast Yeast Hulls are comprised of cell walls of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is a source of protein, beta glucan, and mannan oligosaccharides. Yeast hulls are useful for fermentation, as they absorb pesticide residues, toxic short chain fatty acids (C8-10), and other inhibitory byproducts. They also provide sterols and long chain fatty acids to encourage healthy cell membranes that help delay alcohol toxicity. Yeast hulls can also be added to stimulate stuck or sluggish fermentations.

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Dosage Rate: 1.0-2.5 lb/1000 gallons (12-30 g/hL). Supplies 1 ppm YAN at 1.0 lb per 1000 gallons.

Usage: Dissolve yeast hulls in a sterile flask using sterile water. Add to fermentation tank using equipment that has been sanitized. Yeast hulls are used in winemaking as a treatment for stuck fermentations. For this application, it is added directly into the fermenting batch. To prevent stuck fermentations, yeast hulls can be added late in the fermentation.

Stability/Shelf Life: Use product by the Best if Used By date on the package. This product is hydroscopic and storage under cool, dry conditions is recommended. Packages should not be in direct contact with floors or walls.

*Available in 1 lb (0.45 kg), 5 lb (2.27 kg), and 50 lb (22.67 kg) units.

**This product is packaged in a Kosher certified Facility.

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