Wyeast Brewtan B

Wyeast Brewtan B

Wyeast Brewtan B (formerly called Tanal B) is a 100% natural, high molecular weight tannic acid extracted from renewable plant materials specifically for the brewing industry. Incorporating Brewtan B into your process will improve the shelf life and enhance the flavor and colloidal stability of your beer. The gallotannins in Brewtan B react with wort proteins through adsorption and precipitation – the Brewtan B/protein complex is left in the spent grains when Brewtan B is added to the mash, or removed in the whirlpool when it is added to the boiler. It is highly effective at coagulating and flocculating proline and –thiol –containing proteins, but does not interact with foam-positive proteins. This in turn inhibits downstream lipid and protein oxidation, improving flavor stability and shelf life. Brewtan B also improves lautering operation when used in the mash.

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Dosage rate:
In the mash: 8 grams per barrel of mash liquor (8 g/1.17 hL).
In the boiler: 5 grams per barrel of wort (5 g/1.17 hL)

Usage: Dissolve powder in warm sterile water; add solution to mash, boil, or both. It is recommended to mix into water in small amounts, in 250 – 1000 mL bottles, to avoid clumps.

In the Mash: Add solution to mash water prior to dough-in
In the Boiler: Add solution 0-5 minutes prior to end of boil

Note: It is not recommended to use Brewtan B following the above instructions in beer styles where a cloudy appearance is desired. However, a small dose of 2.93g/BBL (2.5 g/hL) at the end of boil is recommended for any style to remove large chain proteins. This can be done on beers also utilizing Tanal A.

Stability: Store in airtight container at ambient temperature. Product may be retested after listed Retest date, and may continue to be used if it is still of satisfactory quality.

*Available in 1.0 lb (0.45 kg), 3.0 lb (1.36 kg), 10.0 lb (4.53 kg), 25.0 lb (11.33 kg), and 55.0 lb (25 kg) units.

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