Magnified: 1000x

Strain: 5223-PC

Lactobacillus brevis

Species: Lactobacillus brevis

Profile: Unlike most lactic acid bacteria used in brewing, Lactobacillus brevis will tolerate higher levels of IBUs in wort. 5223-PC will produce alcohol along with lactic acid during fermentation. This strain is excellent for remixing the profile in a Lambic-style or Flanders Red Ale, or for kettle souring wort for a balanced Berliner Weisse.

Used in:

Wild & Sour
Wild & Sour
  • Flocculation
    Low - High
  • Apparent Attenuation
    70 - 90%
  • Apparent ABV Tolerance
  • Temperature Range
    60-95°F (16-35°C)

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