Wild & Sour Overview

For those who love to ferment on the funky side, we have a variety of cultures for making wild & sour styles. They provide fermentation or souring to achieve distinctively complex taste, aroma and mouthfeel.

Why Use Wyeast?

For over three decades we’ve been a leader in producing premium fermentation products. Our liquid yeast and bacteria strains are recognized around the world, and we’ve partnered with some of the most successful craft beverage brands around. But we’ve never stopped exploring new ways to ensure that every product that leaves our Hood River facility is of the highest quality possible.

Fermentation Center
for Home Enthusiasts

We’ve collected some tools and information to help take your
work to the next level.

Pitch with Active, Hungry
Yeast Every Time

Our patented packaging contains premium liquid yeast cultures and the Wyeast Smack-Pack Activator™. Give it a smack, and you kick start the yeast’s metabolism before pitching.

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Yeast & Brewing

New to brewing? You’ve come to the right place. Let us help you get a running start with some tips about pitching.

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Fermentation Center
for Commercial Brewers

When brewing is your livelihood, nothing but the best will do. That’s why we’ve been the choice for so many commercial brewers over the last 30 years. Explore our resources for getting the most out of our cultures.


Yeast performs optimally when properly stored. Find the best way to keep it protected and productive.

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Lab Analysis Services

Microbial stability is essential for production of a consistent product. Let us be your quality control laboratory.

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Private Collection Looking for something a little different? Our unique Private Collection strains are available for a limited time.

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